On Monday, 28 November 2019, we organised a great masterclass for the current higher professional education (HBO)/university education (WO) interns. The focus of the masterclass was on personal and professional growth and it was given by Prototype You. Prototype you is a company that arms people with the skills and tools they need to manage their own development and career proactively. The masterclass was held at our lovely office in The Hague.



We started the morning with an introductory session, and to get in the mood, the interns had to answer personal questions by deciding whether or not to step over the line. This masterclass focussed not only on the internship at NN, but also on personal development and what the intern would like to do after the internship.

During the first exercise, every intern was asked to complete a schedule that was divided into ‘after study’, remainder of study’ and ‘internship’. During the exercise, the interns had to think about what they would like to do after they had finished their studies and what they planned to do during their studies and internship to achieve their goals. They all had to think hard about their future.




After the exercise, everyone was asked to write down their learning goals and to rank them in terms of priority and whether or not they were urgent.

Finally, all the interns wrote down a challenge that they wanted to develop during their internship at NN. Following this, they were asked to buddy up with another intern so that they could update each other on their progress during the internship.

We ended the instructive and entertaining session with a joint lunch.