Why do you work at NN?

NN is a big international company operating in 18 countries. On one hand, the size of the company inevitably leads to relatively complex organization and processes. On the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities for myself to find challenges and then conquer them.

What do you like most in your job?

Coordinating, motivating, and inspiring people.

Where did you go on vacation last year?

I went to Croatia last year in the summer. My favourite way of enjoying holiday is to find a quiet place and relax.

When was the last team outing and what did you do?

We went to an Indian restaurant and celebrated a birthday for one of our colleagues.

How is the culture within the department?

I would like to use a quote from our intern: “speaking of this aspect, I very much like the mix of flexibility and responsibility which is normal for our way of working in the department. So, I am very thankful for this, since I am still able to combine university-related activities with the work at NN. Also, everybody in the team is always very positive and helpful.“