What part of your work you like most?

The freedom to perform my work and steer the direction. Of course, that is only possible when you yourself take responsibility for your area. The nice thing is that there is room to realize great results and develop yourself.

Why do you enjoy working for NNIP?

Within NNIP there never is a dull moment. NNIP is always working to realize the next step. And on top of that, there is a big “Can do!” mentality. Which often results in impressive results. Like integrating a company within NNIP in 9 months.

What can a new employee expect from you?

I will help you with what the assignment entails and will coach you in how you will do that job. I will give you the freedom to execute your work and find your way within NNIP. All based on the expectation that you will take the responsibility to deliver good results.

What inspires you in a working environment?

Especially getting the room to pick up your work and develop yourself. And also the housing. That has been recently completely refurbished and enables collaboration and creativity. Also supported by all kinds of visual tools.

How is the atmosphere within the department?

We have an open atmosphere and treat each other equally. Everyone has a clear role and is respected for her/his expertise & participation. We are result driven with room for humor and fun.