How is the culture within NN Investment Partners?

In my experience, it’s a combination of a result- and human-driven culture. Throughout the company we work quickly and efficiently with clear targets, but we also work collaboratively and everyone is easily approachable and always happy to help. Within our marketing team we have a welcoming culture, where everyone works together cooperatively and with enthusiasm to find solutions. We also have an innovative culture: we’re open to new ideas and we aim to stimulate creativity and growth.

What do you like most in your job?

I love learning about and experiencing work within all areas of marketing, because of the close cooperation between cross-teams. Think of brand and campaigning, public relations, digital channels and content.

What can a new colleague expect from me?

You can expect me to be open to creativity, new ideas and innovative solutions. You can expect me to bring you into projects, encourage you to think along and give you the opportunity to show your talents. I believe that you can learn most if you just try with a hands-on mentality. So I encourage you to work independently, take the lead and dare to try, and if needed always feel free to walk by and ask for help.

With which colleagues do you often drink a bottle of wine?

NN IP has an open culture and encourages Dutch ‘borrels’. Think of monthly borrels for the whole company, a summer party, Christmas party, but also team lunches, walks outside, or drinks with your direct marketing colleagues. And if you want more, NN IP offers more activities – for example, company hockey or NN Young Professionals activities.

How long have you been working and what was your first job?

At the start of 2017 I joined NN IP as an external colleague within the Public Relations team. I was expecting a stiff company culture, but I soon learned that our culture is open, innovative, creative and fun, as well as being dedicated, hard-working and result-driven. This role gave me the opportunity to learn quickly and get to know the world of PR and marketing. I learned a lot about the company and had the chance to demonstrate my skills. This resulted in a permanent contract in the PR team, and later I grew into a new role as Content Marketeer for the marketing team.