What do you like most in your job?

There are actually two things why I like this job so much. The first, and that is probably for many people in this industry, I am a news-junky. I like reading the news, being on top of the latest developments and understanding its influence on markets. And secondly in my job I like to help clients further, understanding their problems, offering them solutions. In that sense I am very much service minded.

How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?

I have been with NN now for over 13 years. I started as a portfolio manager within Structured Products, where we managed various funds with a derivative overlay structure. Thereafter I moved to NN Group, our holding company for 4 years, where I was working within the Corporate Finance & Corporate Treasury department. Last year I returned to NN IP to become client portfolio manager for the specialized equity department. Before joining NN I held various trading and sales-related positions with Dutch financial institutions.

What kind of colleague are you?

I am an outgoing person with a can-do mentality. I rather walk up to a colleague and have a face-to-face chat, then sending an impersonal email. These current times of Corona could make that contact difficult, but the introduction of the virtual coffee date opens doors to everyone.

How would you describe the culture at NN?

For me NN is characterized as very entrepreneurial, that is almost everything is possible as long as you want to put the effort into it. I always take the example of the early days when I joined NN. IT systems and software weren’t that advanced yet to measure the complete sensitivities of all derivative instruments. Within our department we constructed capital protection structures for clients in Excel, where nowadays advanced software systems are required. Where other financial companies might shy away, NN showed their dedication towards innovative products.

When was the last team outing and what did you do?

In the fall of 2019 we had a full day of team offsite. Actually half of the programme was in-house and was educational in nature. The other part of the programme was a cooking workshop for which we went to an Italian restaurant in The Hague. And no we didn’t go for the regular beer and pizza, but instead prepared some fine Italian dishes, one of which I even repeated at home once or twice.