1. Why did you start working at NN?

I used to work for a small local investment company in Gouda, before joining NN Investment Partners in 1999. The job opportunities were limited, although I was able to combine different tasks within this firm. Being ambitions as I was I applied for a job at ING Investment Management, later became NN Investment Partners. The opportunities given are unlimited, but one should seek for them. Nothing is given for free, you need to put your heart and soul into your work and be eager about the way you would like to take your career.

2. What do you like most in your job?

The things I like about my job are the diversity, complexity and the work environment within I’m able to preform my tasks. My actions have direct effect on not only your own processes, but also on the one of someone else within the organization. Next to this all I like to fact that I’m working in an international environment. Lot’s of people from different backgrounds and native countries. You learn new cultures and develop new personal skills and make new friends along the way.

3. In order to succeed your job, you need to be willing to

In order to succeed you shouldn’t have a nine to five mentality! When an emergency situation occur we expect you to stay and finish what you started. With the ability to work from home you can leave the office and finish your task at home, within the given deadline. Next to this you should also be open minded, able to prioritize your work and put your food down when it’s required. Being punctual and able to challenge yourself will assist to succeed in your work. We expect a good working ethic and that you preform your tasks within the given working hours and inform the team when you don’t succeed.

4. How is the culture within the department?

The culture within the department is easy going, laid back, but very professional. A sense of humor is very welcome, because you can not preform under pressure the whole time.

5. Where did you go on vacation last year and what do you think is the best way to take a vacation?

Last year I visit my roots, the island Curacao, with my family. The best way to take a vacation starts with completing all your urgent tasks before you leave. By doing so you avoid being bordered during your vacation with questions relating to these tasks. This is very helpful to be in the right mindset and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. On my vacation I intend not to think about work and enjoy the quality time with my love ones. This is for me the best way to charge my battery and return back to work full of energy and happy.