1. Why did you start working at NN?

There are many reasons why NN is a great place to work. First of all it’s a dynamic organization that keeps not only evolving but also generating change. It has strong presence in many countries worldwide and covers and broad range of functions. Part of the reason was also the recruitment days at my campus as NN invests a lot in young people by participating in recruiting events.

2. What is the biggest challenge in your role?

I think the biggest challenge has to be the management of the different expectations from various stakeholders (colleagues, manager, other departments, clients). Sometimes it is quite challenging to meet all expectations but with clear communication and support, obstacles in the day to day activities are surpassed.

3. When was the last team outing and what did you do?

Our last team outing was around the end of last year (of course pre-corona times). Our department went to a facility in The Hague where we played Laser Tag and took part in fun activities in a snowy scenery before having some finger food and drinks. It was really nice bonding outside office hours and relaxing after a full day.

4. What does an average working day look like for you?

A day at NN includes supporting the daily activities (transaction processing / reconciliations), monthly activities, closing activities (checks & controls, creating specification/disclosures) and other accounting activities. It also involves team meetings for discussing important updates and ideas for improvements. And you will be answering emails (request or question) from clients promptly and assist your colleagues on ad hoc activities or new projects.

5. How would you describe the culture at NN?

The culture at NN aligns with the NN statement of living values, "Care, Clear and Commit". Working at NN feels like you are being cared and respected as an individual with many opportunities to grow. The hierarchy is flat which makes it easier to have open communication and cooperation between colleagues and managers and this allows new ideas for improvement to surface and be taken into account. NN also values the healthy lifestyle of employees and promotes good work life balance by taking initiatives such as sponsoring the NN Marathon and the North Sea jazz festival. These initiatives motivate our NN colleagues to work more productively and commit to NN achieving better results.