Why did you start working for NN?

I have been working at NN for a long time (27 years to be exact). I wanted to work in a large company that could offer enough opportunities to develop myself. That is also the reason why I still work at NN after 27 years! I have had various positions in different parts of the company. The nice thing about this is that, with every step in my career, I can take knowledge and experience from previous jobs to the next one. This allowed me to develop myself very broadly and I also have a lot to offer my knowledge and contacts. For example, a year ago, I transferred to Finance as a Senior Consultant, while I do not have a Finance degree or background. But due to my knowledge, skills and experience, I can add value to the department. The fact that these opportunities are offered makes that I still work for NN.

What do you like most about your work?

I find it difficult to mention one specific aspect of my work, but if I have to choose I would say 'the freedom of my role'. I can largely organize my day and activities myself. Furthermore, I have contact with many different colleagues within NN, that can be colleagues working at NN Group at the head office or working in other departments of NN Life. In addition, I find it very exciting and challenging to be involved in the development of the company's strategy and the long-term plans. Furthermore, I get energy from gaining new knowledge and experience. Continuing to learn is very important to me! In short, there are different sides to my work that I really like.

What is the biggest challenge for you in the job?

The Finance Consultant function has several challenges. One of these challenges is giving advice, and not just 'asked' advice. Based on analyses and making connections between cases, we can also give advice that is not asked for. Another challenge is the fact, that the role of consultant is still new within the Finance department. This means that sometimes it is still searching for the content of the role. I like this, because this offers plenty of opportunities to give substance to it yourself.

What function do you have outside of your work?

I am part of the Roparun team Nationale-Nederlanden Pension. With this team we collect money for the Roparun Foundation. The money raised, is spent on palliative care for people with cancer. The motto of the foundation is: "Adding life to the days, where often days can no longer be added to life. " With the NN team we organize activities to raise as much money as possible. But in addition to collecting money, we also deliver a sports performance as a team: In a 3-day relay race we run from Paris to Rotterdam in the Whitsun weekend. During this weekend, as coordinator, I am ultimately responsible for the team. Among other things, I ensure that everyone starts on time and if calamities occur or other things go wrong, that this is resolved. This is not possible without good mutual cooperation. It is a very special experience to put down such a performance with a group of highly motivated colleagues that you do not work with every day. And then also for such a good cause!

How is the atmosphere within the department?

The atmosphere within the Finance department is informal and collegial. Colleagues are helpful and that makes it easy to ask questions and learn from each other. The department consists of a nice mix of younger and older colleagues, who complement each other well. And besides all the fun there is also a lot of ambition to continue to improve together and deliver good work!