1. Why did you start working at NN Investment Partners?

In September 2019 I started my master Accounting & Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After I changed my study on my LinkedIn profile, I accidentally talked again to someone I met during one of my previous internships. Subsequently, we met (after two years) for a cup of coffee and he told me about his new job within NN Investment Partners. Personally, I really liked the working activities he told me about. So, I told him it seems interesting to me to do an internship within NN Investment Partners. In the end, I applied for the Internship at the Client Experience & Support department and started interning in January 2020.

2. What do you like most in your job?

The people who I work with is what I appreciate the most in my job. Personally, I get a lot of motivation and satisfaction from people around me with a positive vibe. In my opinion there is a really good atmosphere in the Client Experience & Support Team whereby everyone is willing to help each other. Additionally, work wise, as an intern, it is really interesting to be involved in several activities and to get great responsibilities. Finally, I do like to be in contact with clients and help them out with different kind of requests/problems.

3. What does an average working day look like for you?

My workday starts with a good cup of coffee and reading my email. After I answered and read all my emails, I start working on my main tasks. Hereby you should think of contacting institutional clients (e.g. pension funds) for several requests or documentation. Also working on account openings, transitions and onboardings for institutional clients. Additionally, working on projects and improvements initiatives is a part of my daily business.

4. What is the most inspiringworkplace for you?

To be honest, the most inspiring workplace at the moment is my own house. Working from home is now usual due to COVID-19. So, I actually wake up in my own office. As a student, I unfortunately do not have the access to have my own private office at home. However, it isn’t that bad as the picture indicates. In the beginning it was really uncomfortable to work from home and only meeting your colleagues digitally via meetings. At the moment, I am completely used to it and it actually sounds a bit weird to work in the office again. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to work with all my colleagues in the office again.

5. What kind of growth opportunities are there at NN Investment Partners?

First, I would like to mention that I learned a lot within the team, there are a lot of growth opportunities at NN Investment Partners. In first instance, I was planning to go on an exchange to South America from July – January. Due to COVID-19 this was cancelled. Afterwards, I changed my plans and had the opportunity to write my thesis within NN Investment Partners. Subsequently, when finishing my thesis, I am convinced that it would be great to work at NN Investment Partners. Besides, as you are cooperating with a lot of different departments in the organization, you will get a clear overview of what department is really interesting. Lastly, I am convinced that everyone in the company is willing to help you to get a great career.