How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?

I have been with NN since 1995 and I started as a "offer/calculator" in the "calculation team" for Individual Life.

Which career opportunities are available within NN?

I have noticed that within NN it is quite possible to manage your own growth opportunities. Following internal and external training is supported and you can also actively find new challenges within the company. I was once hired to assist as a temporary employee in the mailing room, but after the intake interview I was able to start immediately within the "calculation team". I also worked as a programmer at an IT department, at the actuarial department, in the Individual business, within Pensions, as a manager of a team and now as a consultant in the Finance Strategy team. During those years I was able to study for and graduate as actuary with full support from NN. The circumstances in which the company operates have changed in the past 24 years, but I think that NN is an environment in which these opportunities are offered and encouraged.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in the job?

You are expected to establish a link between products, cash flow models, financial reports and the best estimate assumptions, but also that you are able to discover new trends and translate them into usable information. So you do not let yourself be restricted by existing models, but also know how to translate trends in the data from our insurance administration, the market, law and regulations, technological developments into possible new insights for new assumptions and/or models. The data for this will rarely be readily available. So I will expect a fresh look, pioneering spirit, creativity and perseverance from my colleague.

What can a new colleague expect from you?

Finance Strategy is a relatively new team, and many things are also unknown territory for me. Our new colleague may therefore expect me to take on assignments together, whereby I share my knowledge, but also that we will discover new things together. I believe that new, less experienced employees can also take the lead in assignments, in which I will take a supporting role (and hopefully also learn a lot of new things!).

How is the atmosphere within the department?

We work hard and the atmosphere is informal. There is a mix of younger and "mentally still young" employees, a mix of ladies and gentlemen, inside lunchers and outside runners, etc. We’re just like real people! I have worked in many places within the company and I now know that within NN the people create the atmosphere in a department.