Can you ensure that we always work in accordance with laws and regulations? How do we ensure that we work in accordance with the current laws and regulations? How do we monitor the integrity of our company and avoid putting our reputation on the line? These and many other issues make up the work of Legal & Compliance.

Whether it is corporate law, financial law or privacy, NN’s legal counsels translate laws and regulations and their consequences for our business into crystal-clear advice across various areas of law. And we need that because each product and each service has its own legal aspects. In addition, our legal councils also accompany various legal proceedings, which means that they have huge responsibility. It is therefore crucial that they keep up-to-date with the continuous changes in laws and regulations.

As a financial services company, NN adheres to the requirements of business conduct regulators, such as the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). These are requirements that are constantly changing and growing ever more complex. NN wants to operate within the confines of the law and regulations and to conduct its operations ethically. This is why our compliance officers identify all the risks and how to deal with them. Compliance officers work in all our business units, which means that all our colleagues are aware of how important it is that we adhere to the rules.

Watch the video below in which Jonathan Molenaar talks about his experiences and the challenges within Compliance at Nationale-Nederlanden Bank.


NN is looking for Legal Counsels and Compliance Officers
Working on complex legal solutions and monitoring compliance with laws and regulations is a continuous process. This means that NN is always looking for expert legal counsels and compliance officers. These are professionals who can think commercially without losing sight of the legal risks. They are pragmatic professionals with creativity and experience who have excellent advisory and writing skills and who have an eye for detail. Together we can achieve something special. NN is an international, listed company that offers legal counsels and compliance officers very challenging careers and excellent development opportunities.

You can find our Legal & Compliance vacancies here.