Windows DevOps Engineer

You will receive

  • A salary of €4.500 to €6.000
  • The ability to guide your team with your knowledge of automation
  • A lot of freedom for implementing your ideas

You will bring with you

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Excellent skills in Windows 2019, thanks to your extensive experience in this
  • Strong knowledge of CI/CD and Windows Server 2019

Windows DevOps Engineer

Together with your Windows-colleagues, you develop and maintain our IT systems to be self-service based, automated, cost efficient and more reliable. As an expert in Windows 2019 you share your knowledge by peer programming. That way you are a real lead engineer when it comes to our sustainable and future proof infrastructure.


Your added value as a Windows DevOps Engineer at NN Group

Within NN, our colleagues need infrastructures, servers and computers to run their applications. It is our job to make sure all infrastructure runs smoothly, all (virtual) Windows servers and all tools work well. We achieve a modern agile IT infrastructure based on Windows Server 2019, including hybridization, security, hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud-ready application platforms. As an expert, you know how to guide your colleagues in this whole automation process. You manage to automate these services in a safe, efficient and user friendly way. Using CMDB within ITIL helps us to get insight in the relations between all components within our IT landscape. In our DevOps way of working with Windows Server 2019, we bridge the gap between on-premise and Azure and our cloud platforms.


The objectives on the agenda

As a specialist in your field of expertise, you like to achieve good results:

  • A flexible, low-cost, highly automated (CI/CD) infrastructure.
  • Satisfied colleagues using our great tools & servicing.
  • Team-growth by learning for eachother in a multidisciplinary way;
  • Easy and efficient ways for our colleagues to use our services.


We care

As an experienced professional, you strive for continuous development. We offer extensive development opportunities and a pleasant working environment. We offer you:

  • On-the-job training and vocational training via our Learning & Development Centre.
  • A comprehensive network of national and international professionals.
  • Industry specific conferences (both in the Netherlands and across the border).

Within our department Cloud Services & Hosting, we have several engineering teams. You will be a part of our VMware factory team. With colleagues with different expertise you work closely together in a friendly atmosphere. Really working ‘together’ as a team is very important to us. We are proud of what we do and always motivated to innovate and improve. Our Agile way of working helps us to do so. We work hard to achieve our goals, but there is always room for a joke or two. Every now and then, we go out for diner or a drink.

Our purpose

We make our financial services relevant and more personal. You help us go above and beyond when providing the very best service. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction and consistently serving our customers to the best of our abilities. They are the core of our company values and our most important motivator. As a company, we have set up a number of subsidiaries as we have grown: NN, NN Investment Partners, Nationale-Nederlanden, OHRA, ABN AMRO Insurance, BeFrank, Zicht, AZL and Movir.


Clear conditions

At every stage of your career employment conditions play a significant role. Therefore, we are financially well arranged: you will receive your holiday allowance and 13th month with your salary every month, without restriction and readily available to you. As a Windows DevOps Engineer, you will work from our office located in The Hague, which offers an easy connection via public transport and the A12.

Due to the coronavirus, most of the NN colleagues work from home. At the moment it is unclear when we can return to the office. The official location for this position is The Hague.


Critical skills of a Windows DevOps Engineer

Desired State Configuration is an essential part of the management and maintenance of our Windows-based servers. That means you need the highest level of expertise in DSC. Needless to say, your knowledge of the DevOps way of working and the CI/CD pipeline are excellent too. You know exactly what you are responsible for and feel when you need to act on it. On a personal and a business-related level, you’d like to keep growing and developing continuously. You don’t let anyone, or anything hold you back: you dare to just go for it. Besides all the hard work, you like to have a laugh and throw in some jokes. Mostly in English, since you are a master at this language.


Commit to NN

We truly value your knowledge and expertise. We believe you will bring our organisation to the next level. Therefore, we would like to meet you. Upload you resume via the apply button. Do you have any questions about the job? Then please contact Veerle Meevis: 

Application procedure


If you are enthusiastic about the job we encourage you to apply online. We will then carefully look at your profile and let you know whether you’ll be invited to an interview within two weeks.


We are curious who you are, what motivates you and what you are looking for. But it is just as important that you get to know NN better. We aim for a maximum of two interviews in which you will meet the manager of the department, a direct colleague and a recruiter from NN.

Online assessment

The assessment consists of a personality test, a driver test and an intelligence test. We believe your personal qualities are very important and use this assessment to test whether you meet the NN Mindset. This will be an online test and the results will be shown  immediately.


Are we both enthusiastic after the interviews and the online assessment? Then we will gladly make you an offer to join NN. Click here for more information about our employment benefits.

Welcome new colleague

Congratulations with your new job! We will now start our onboarding procedure to secure a smooth start at NN.


We realize that applying for a job is an important moment for you. What matters to you, matters to us. That is why, after the application procedure, we invite you via e-mail to let us know how you experienced applying at NN. Thanks to your feedback we can make improvements to the way we work.

Meet our people

Would you like to learn more about working at NN? Read the testimonials and find out!

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Windows DevOps Engineer