Senior Security Consultant

You will receive

  • A salary of €4.000 to €5.800 (36h/week)
  • Laptop & Iphone
  • Holiday allowance & year-end bonus

You will bring with you

  • HBO/WO Diploma
  • 5 to 7 years’ experience in Security, Financial Services or DevOps
  • Knowledge of various security services

Senior Security Consultant

Under your watchful gaze, no detail is overlooked; whether implementing security policies or monitoring NN’s network, you notice everything - even if it has not happened yet. This helps you and your colleagues in both the Netherlands and Prague to keep your focus razor-sharp every day.


Your impact as Senior Security Consultant at NN

At CISO, we manage and optimise the on-prem environment. Together we will achieve the successful transition to Cloud Technology. This not only poses a challenge for IT but also a challenge in terms of methods, processes and core organisation. The Information and Infrastructure Security team, in which you will work, is a part of CISO. We ensure that IT assets are secure and remain so across all networks within NN. Part of our team is based in Prague, where they carry out activities like security monitoring, incident response and vulnerability alerts. You are one of our consultants, providing strategic and tactical support to the team in Prague. You provide the link between our business in the Netherlands and the Operations Centre in Prague. Our business units regularly rely on your advice, expertise and guidance across the entire field of security services. You don't do this alone though; your colleagues are here to support you all the way.


Realistic Results

You will work with us to achieve:

  • Security of the highest level attainable; nobody needs to fear a hack occurring within the NN network
  • Stable and future-proof security solutions

We care

Here at NN, care is a core value – care for our customers as well as our employees. You care for our customers’ needs, and as your employer, NN cares for yours.  We offer excellent development opportunities and a pleasant working environment. For your career development, we offer you:

  • Our newly designed Learning & Development Centre
  • An extensive network of professionals
  • Training for personal development
  • The possibility to develop new tools yourself

As part of CIO, CISO offers you the ideal workplace where a wealth of knowledge and experience comes together. You collaborate with different DevOps teams on various innovative products, which you also get to manage. We test reliability and safety with accuracy and do everything necessary to create an optimal security environment.

Whatever we do, we do it together. If you get stuck, then a simple question (possibly via WhatsApp) is a great way to get suggestions from your colleagues. Though certainly not company policy, it just shows how easily we connect. We regularly attend workshops to explore optimising ways of working together. Once a week, we like catch-up to keep in touch with each other's activities. If we want to clear our heads for a moment, we run, cycle, ski, drink or can even go out to eat poffertjes (little Dutch pancakes). Do whatever you need to make you feel the most comfortable.

Our purpose

Thanks to your efforts, we make our financial services relevant and more personal. You help us go above and beyond when providing the very best customer service. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction and consistently serving our customers to the best of our abilities. They are the core of our company values and our most important motivator. As a company, we have set up several subsidiaries as we have grown: NN, NN Investment Partners, Nationale-Nederlanden, OHRA, ABN AMRO Insurance, BeFrank, Zicht, AZL and Movir.


Clear conditions

We offer you modern employment conditions and generous employee benefits. For example, you have the option of taking extra vacation days. We are also working towards implementing Choose your own Device. You will receive your holiday allowance and a 13th month allowance with your salary every month. As a Senior Security Consultant, you will work from our beautiful office located in The Hague, which offers an easy connection via the A12 or train.

Critical skills of a Senior Security Consultant

Your colleagues hardly ever need to ask your advice; because you can provide the answers they seek before they even understand the question. You are driven by an urge to learn and instinctively keep up to date with the latest IT and network developments. None of the latest trends manages to pass you by. You desire to hone your expertise and analytical skills on all targeted IT concepts. The expectations here are high, so it is vital that you set the right priorities. You can switch quickly between the various projects you run. Importantly you not only start projects, but you also finish them. Last, but not least, you speak English fluently, and it is a definite bonus if you can even speak a little Dutch.


Commit to NN

Will you accept the challenge of taking our security systems to the highest attainable level? Then we would like to meet you. Upload your resume via the apply button. Do you have questions about the job? Then please call Ingrid Kuijs via +31 (0)6 30485627.

Application procedure


If you are enthusiastic about the job we encourage you to apply online. We will then carefully look at your profile and let you know whether you’ll be invited to an interview within two weeks.


We are curious who you are, what motivates you and what you are looking for. But it is just as important that you get to know NN better. We aim for a maximum of two interviews in which you will meet the manager of the department, a direct colleague and a recruiter from NN.

Online assessment

The assessment consists of a personality test, a driver test and an intelligence test. We believe your personal qualities are very important and use this assessment to test whether you meet the NN Mindset. This will be an online test and the results will be shown  immediately.


Are we both enthusiastic after the interviews and the online assessment? Then we will gladly make you an offer to join NN. Click here for more information about our employment benefits.

Welcome new colleague

Congratulations with your new job! We will now start our onboarding procedure to secure a smooth start at NN.


We realize that applying for a job is an important moment for you. What matters to you, matters to us. That is why, after the application procedure, we invite you via e-mail to let us know how you experienced applying at NN. Thanks to your feedback we can make improvements to the way we work.

Meet our people

Would you like to learn more about working at NN? Read the testimonials and find out!

It’s fascinating to get a grip on our complex pension chain.

Saskia Stekelenburg

IT Engineer

Business Change builds a bridge between IT and the business.

Stephanie Taverne

Manager Business Change

From a technical perspective, I get huge satisfaction.

Gijs van Renswoude

IT Engineer

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Senior Security Consultant