Financial Controller


The mention of shares, bonds and derivatives sounds like music to your ears, and your interest is immediately piqued when we say that you will carry out forecasting, validation and reporting of investment returns. Even better, you will get to do this for some of the most outstanding customers, both nationally and internationally.

Your impact as a Financial Controller at NN

You work intently from one cycle to the next, following monthly trends. Has the first reporting deadline passed? Now you can critically examine how to optimise your processes further. For example, we are currently working on improving our processes for reporting investment returns. Part of which, you are solely responsible for. You can count on the support of various mentors as well as a senior who assumes responsibility for the delivery of all sub-assignments. The senior keeps track of timelines and can help you with your approach. As you become increasingly familiar with the processes, your role will expand, allowing you to become primary responsible for managing stakeholders and processes. You work independently on your part of your assignment, yet always have opportunities to bounce ideas off your team members.

You provide Clients and stakeholders with information about the investment portfolio. You do this by explaining actual results and forecast results by analysing data from our systems and connecting the dots. This way, you develop a deeper feeling for the business, can explain why you make certain choices, and understand how optimisation becomes possible. Together we discuss the objectives, standards, expectations and deadlines for your assignment. That way, you always know exactly where you stand.

What your investments deliver

You work together with us to:

  • Automate procedures within finance via i.e. robotisation and digitisation.
  • Introduce efficient reporting processes and more effective work through the introduction of IFRS 9.
  • Make the shift from repetitive work to a more advisory role.

We also care about you

Just as you as our Financial Controller indirectly care for our customers, we also take care of you. With great development opportunities and a pleasant working environment, you will have good reason to find going to work every day a pleasure. For your career development, we facilitate:

  • On-the-job training and vocational training via our Learning & Development Center.
  • Industry-specific conferences.
  • In-house training and personal skills training.
  • The ‘Month of You’ (Participate in workshops about Vitality, Collaboration, Ownership, learning agility)

Whatever we do, we do together. You are one of six colleagues in the team, all with a background in finance and at different phases of our careers. Although Dutch is our official language, thanks to our international customers, we regularly communicate in English. We are located in NN Group Finance – Insurance Investments Operations, working with a total of 60 other employees. The team uses Agile, so we always start our day together and can schedule individual meetings where you can discuss more personal matters. What are you up against, and how can we help you move ahead?

Our team will occasionally have a social drink, for example, when we have a business success to celebrate. And as a Young Professional, we also have many enjoyable activities available to you through NN Young. 

Thanks to your efforts, we make our financial services relevant and more personal. You offer clear financial insights to the entire NN organisation. This way, you enable the business to make the right decisions and financially responsible choices. Your efforts help not only everyone at NN but also our one million customers across the Netherlands. Active in 18 countries with over 17 million customers, you understand our work must be faultless. We must continuously innovate and invest in an agile business model. Thanks to your professionalism we earn the trust of our customers within all our subsidiaries, and there are quite a few: NN, NN Investment Partners, Nationale-Nederlanden, OHRA, ABN AMRO Insurance, BeFrank, Zicht, AZL and Movir.

Clear conditions

We offer you modern employment conditions and generous employee benefits. For example, you have the option of taking extra vacation days. We are also working towards implementing Choose your own Device. You will receive your holiday allowance and year-end bonus with your salary every month, without restriction and readily available to you. As a Financial Controller, you will work from our beautiful office located in The Hague, which offers an easy connection via the A12 and Public Transportation. The beach is just around the corner, and we have our very own FIT20 and private NN Café. What more could you want?

Critical skills of a Financial Controller

Changes help keep you sharp and driven. Your role remains crucial, not just for managing change, but to create real added value. To do this, you ask questions, give your opinions, and think long and hard about possibilities and solutions. As far as you are concerned, in principle, anything is possible. Even if an idea initially seems outside the box.

Commit to NN

Can you help advance NN via smart questions and fresh ideas regarding forecasting and reporting? Then we would like to meet you. Upload your resume via the apply button. Do you have any questions about the job? Then please call Ewald van Luijk (manager) via +31 (0)6 51499793.

Questions about the application process? Please contact Mina Bahaj via +31(0)6 15066245.


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