Agile Coach


The goal of an Agile Coach is to improve the organization in realizing the changing demands of its customers and stakeholders by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility to the people in the company in the face of unpredictable circumstances.

The Agile Coach must be assertive about adherence to Agile principles and values and enthusiastic about Agile practices and their benefits. Being both an educator and coach, and thus possess great interpersonal skills, teaching abilities, and a capacity to inspire and motivate. In order to stay ahead, the Agile Coach must be self-starting, and must be self-educating constantly be updating his information, participating in conferences sharing the information witrh peers, and continuously learning.


Skills & Expertise

  • Coaching and enabling the teams. Building an environment where continuous improvement of the Business & IT processes is in focus and where everyone’s common goal is to deliver outstanding solutions as fast as possible while having fun.
  • Being passionate about communication, group dynamics and coaching and you are not afraid to raise issues and drive change to remove impediments from your team.
  • Having insatiable appetite for learning new things and improving existing ones. Pays attention to details
  • Having strong knowledge of and background with the Agile concept
  • Possessing prior experience coaching teams/organizations in Agile adoption
  • Coach helps people rethink and change the way they go about engineering
  • Able to work with people: The agile coaches should listen to the team and stakeholders, should provide feedback, should ask clarifying questions and build trust
  • Experience in changing organizations: knowing what drives change, how change is implemented
  • Be able to see the “big picture” and drill down to the daily activities and go to the big picture when needed



  • The coach creates a vision on Agile coaching and how the Organization can take the steps in Agile Maturity
  • Coaching is about resetting people’s intuition: There are hundreds, even thousands, of small decisions made every day. These decisions are based on people’s mental models of how work needs to be done – or how it shouldn’t be done. Part of the Coach’s role is to help people unlearn many of these models and relearn models based on Agile value by offering them insight in the consequences and possibilities of their decisions and actions.
  • The coach also helps teams, (senior) management and individuals apply Agile and Lean thinking to the specific environment and impediments they face.


NNIP Teams

Working as an advisor the coach can help the organization adapt the methodology to their environment, and help the team challenge the existing environment. Taken together these two sides make the Coach into an effective change agent - someone who is both motivating change and making it happen.


Application & contact

Please apply online via the hyperlink to ensure a smooth application procedure. For more information regarding the role and/or selection you can contact Natalia Szymanski ( or +31 (0) 70-513 3765.


Note that applications via e-mail and third party applications are not taken into consideration.








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