'I want to add value to society in everything I do'

Praveen Sridharan  - Global Risk Trainee 

personal and engaged recruitment process

'After completing my master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft, I applied to lots of companies, but NN appealed to me the most. Unlike at other companies, the recruitment process felt personal and engaged. As a Global Risk Trainee, I’m on a three-year programme, which involves completing a different assignment each year in a different department or business unit. The variety suits me. I enjoy being challenged and learning new things. I ask a lot of myself and want to do a better job every day. The traineeship is not just about your education, it’s also about your personality and people skills. Because you work in a different team every year, it’s important that you quickly develop a connection with the people you work with. You need to be open-minded and a good communicator. The fact that I don’t have a financial background makes this traineeship even more challenging. I’m eager to learn and NN gives me the opportunity to take part in training and courses to learn on the job more about how the economy works.’

Using money to make the world a slightly better place

‘I’m now in the second year of my traineeship and I’m working on the Responsible Investing and Innovation Platform at NNIP (Investment Partners). This role revolves around responsible investment, with sustainability and social responsibility as important criteria. It’s not just about earning money, but also how you can use money to contribute to people and the environment. It’s a perfect job for me. I want to add value to society in everything I do. Doing something that nobody has done before by looking at issues critically. For example, I’m currently working on a scenario analysis that involves identifying how our investments are influenced by climate change and vice versa. My sense of responsibility for people and the environment not only plays a role in my traineeship at NN, but it’s also the reason why I began my own start-up.’

My own start-up in solar energy 

'A couple of years ago, I was drinking tea with my best friend in my home country of India. We were philosophising about how we could give something back to the world. This ultimately led to a solar energy start-up. I deliberately chose to set up a company in India because I can really make a difference there. The Netherlands is way ahead when it comes to solar energy. In India, there’s still not much awareness of climate change and how we can combat it. We developed a business model to make solar energy financially more accessible. Our mission is to instal solar panels on as many roofs as possible. We do this by making solar panels cheaper, but also by writing blogs about climate change and the added value of solar energy. This allows us to create more awareness in a society where there is still a lot of profit to be made in this area.’

Start-up and corporate: a positive interaction

'I’m pleased that NN has given me the opportunity to work on my own start-up alongside my traineeship. Although working for a start-up is very different from working for a corporate, both roles have a positive influence on each other. I use what I’m learning in my traineeship in my start-up. And conversely, I use the knowledge I gain in my start-up in my work at NN. The benefits of a large, mature organisation such as NN are the well thought-out rules, systems and procedures. I use these to give more structure to my start-up. On the other hand, I take an innovative approach to my start-up because there’s little awareness of climate change in India. I use the knowledge I gain here in my work at NN.’


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