‘It’s just like with rowing, you have to sense exactly what your teammates are doing’ 

Wouter van Enk - DevOps Engineer, go-getter and coxwain

‘I’ve been an enthusiastic rower since I was a student. I used to train really intensively, sometimes eight times a week and I took part in races. I put my rowing on hold when I went to work abroad. But I took it up again when I returned to the Netherlands. I do strength and conditioning training and am often in the boat three times a week. Normally, we row as an eight, but because of coronavirus, we’re not able to at the moment. I’m currently rowing in a coxless two or four.’

Digital workplace 

‘I’m a DevOps Engineer in the Workplace Services Team, part of Enterprise Infrastructure Services. As a team of nine, we’re responsible for managing the desktops and laptops of our internal customers worldwide. We don’t just deal with hardware. We also work on the operating systems and software. We deliver a modern workplace for all NN employees who are making the digital transformation of our business possible.’

Rhythm and teamwork

‘As a scrum master, I make sure that our team can always keep working. If we come across obstacles that threaten our progress as a team, it’s my job to solve those problems. If the cause lies outside our team, I talk to other teams. If the cause lies in our team, I look at how we can improve the way we work.
When I’m rowing, I also guide the rowing crew. In the ‘coxless fours’ I sit at the bow: you’re responsible for steering the boat and keeping the crew in check. Rhythm, equal strokes and as few unnecessary movements as possible are really important. That’s how the boat can go as fast as possible. To get into that rhythm, you need teamwork. You need to sense precisely what your crew is doing. You need discipline and clear coordination. That steady rhythm is also reflected in my job, where we work in two-weekly sprints.’

NN gives you the support you need

‘In 2017, I started at NN as an external staff member and at the beginning of this year, I was offered a permanent job. Fantastic, because I absolutely love it here. The international aspect appeals to me. NN operates in 19 countries and as a result, I regularly interact with different cultures, which makes the work diverse and challenging. Agile working and the freedom and responsibility we have as a team are also reasons for choosing NN. Here, you decide what you do and how you do it. I call it ownership. The almost limitless training opportunities also appealed to me. If you’ve got particular interests or want to develop in a specific direction or job, NN gives you all the support you need.’

The first to cross the finishing line 

‘Ownership is reflected in my work and in my rowing. My role at NN and my passion for rowing enhance one another. Perseverance is one of the qualities I have that serves me well. Rowing often means pushing through. Your body says no, but your mind says carry on. Because you want to be the first to cross the finishing line. It’s basically exactly the same in my work and with our team.’


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