‘Curiosity and entrepreneurship underpin my developmentent'

Jessica de Sitter - Liem - entrepreneur, woman, mother and tax consultant

‘I was born in Amsterdam to Chinese parents from Indonesia. My grandparents and parents ran Indonesian restaurants in the centre of Amsterdam for years. You could say that I was brought up with business and hard work. Thanks to the mix of cultures, I see the world from different perspectives. I’m curious about how others view things and don’t settle for the obvious.’

From hospitality to the financial world

‘I used to work in my parents’ restaurant, where I did everything from washing glasses behind the bar to purchasing and dealing with the finances. It meant that I came across all aspects of business and learnt the skills I needed. Customer focus, problem-solving and managing are what a family business is all about. When I made the move to a listed financial services provider, my entrepreneurship and curiosity served me well. NN was new, unknown and exciting for me. It became a journey of discovery and along the way I’ve been able to develop both personally and professionally.’

Employer and employee enhance one another

‘And with my entrepreneurial spirit, I feel at home at NN. I studied financial economics, which doesn’t have much to do with tax. When I joined NN, I seized all the opportunities that the company offered me with both hands, and that included specialising as a tax adviser. I’m currently taking part in online lectures that I can apply directly to my work, focussing specifically on indirect taxation. This is mainly thanks to my enterprising manager, who sees the potential in me. He encourages me every day to work and think outside my comfort zone. That’s how employer and employee enhance one another. I have to say: you don’t need to have trodden the same path to grow.’

Clear national and international tax policy

‘As a tax consultant at NN Group, I’m involved in national and international taxation that our business deals with, such as wage tax and indirect taxation. We have a clear tax policy in place: we simply pay our fair share. This transparency really appeals to me and so I love working on tax transparency alongside our reporting. NN is really progressive in this, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. In 2019 and 2020 we came first in the Tax Transparency Award.' 

‘The NN Leadership Programme is another great example of the opportunity that NN has given me. This programme is for a diverse group of employees from all business units and from all twenty countries where NN operates. I was selected for the programme in 2019. The informative and instructive talent training courses in which we were able to bolster one another precisely because of our diverse backgrounds, cultures and disciplines were a fantastic and inspiring experience for me. It’s enabled me to get to know NN better and to build an international NN network.’

Work-life balance 

‘My husband and I have a two-year old son and I’m pregnant with our second child. It’s tough, but fortunately I’m able to maintain a good work-life balance. Good planning and clear arrangements are important though. Thankfully, NN has given me all the freedom and responsibility I need to get my work done in a result-oriented way. It means it’s easy for me to strike the right balance.’ 


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