Young NN talents in ​​​​​​​AM verzekeringstalenttop 25

November 3, 2020

Khatera Delawar and Thijmen Speldekamp, congratulations!

The annual AM ‘verzekeringstalent top 25 list’ is published again! This year 2 NN colleagues are represented in this list of talented young employees (under 30) within the insurance industry, compiled by the editors of AM magazine.

At NN, we believe that everyone brings a unique set of talents, perspectives and backgrounds to the table. We also believe it is important to give visibility to young talents. We are therefore proud of  our colleagues in this Top 25, which annually recognises young insurance talent.

In addition to an honourable mention in the annual list, Thijmen took part in the round table discussion, organised by AM magazine. Together with eight colleagues from other insurers, they discussed, among other things, the impact of corona, the role of data and how the young generation looks at the opportunities and challenges within the insurance industry. Curious about the interview and the full list of insurance talent in 2020? You can find the article on the AMweb website.

Don Draiper

Khatera Delawar, Life & Pensions: Program and businessmanager​​​​​​​

What makes Khatera successful? 

She is analytically strong with a sharp eye for process improvement and finding creative solutions. This is reinforced by her connecting way of working: she brings people together to solve problems, is tenacious in finding a solution (also in the case of resistance), resistant to stress and averse to hierarchy. As a result, she moves easily within the organization and gets things done quickly where others get stuck.

Thijmen Speldekamp, Non-Life: Actuarial Analyst

In 2019, Thijmen has developed and implemented a model for ZERO car insurance, among other things. This NN car insurance personalizes the pricing based on a Machine Learning risk model. With his work he has made an important contribution to setting up automated pricing pipelines. This ensures that NN can implement price updates faster in the future for the private car insurance products.
Don Draiper

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