NN and society

Positive change in communities

At NN, we want to be a positive force in the lives of our customers. We believe this also includes taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the wider society. At NN, being a good corporate citizen means we want to use our resources, expertise and reach to help society achieve long-term sustainable prosperity.

NN Future Matters  

NN Future Matters is NN Group’s overarching Community Investment programme. It aims to empower people in the markets where we operate to support them in growing their economic opportunities. 

Scholarship programme

The NN Future Matters Scholarship programme was started by NN in 2014 in collaboration with EP Nuffic. This programme gives students the opportunity to simultaneously complete a Master’s programme while gaining the impactful experience of living and studying abroad.

Innovation Camp

At the Innovation Camp students gather to address a specific business challenge and create solutions that may be applied to the problem. It is an intense experience for the students. They have access to tools, information and other resources and have to propose a solution within 24 hours. 

Job Shadowing 

Job Shadowing is a mentorship program in which students spend a day with a professional at his or her workplace. During the day students gain an understanding of business culture, work ethic and career choices. The goal is to enable young people to make better-informed career choices, grow their network and improve their career opportunities.
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