At NN, we want to make financial services personal and relevant for our customers. We need colleagues who want to realize this with us. Of course, our appreciation of you is also expressed in our employee benefits, many of which you can tailor to your personal requirements. Below is a brief explanation of the most important elements. If you are interested in the details, you can look them up in NN’s Collective Labour Agreement (CLA).


Flexible working

In most jobs at NN, you have the opportunity to work flexibly via The NN Way of Working. In consultation with your manager and colleagues you are free to decide when and where you work for certain aspects of your job, giving you enough opportunities to tailor your working patterns to your personal requirements.


Personal Choice Budget (PKB)

In addition to your ‘ordinary’ salary, you will receive a Personal Choice Budget (referred to by the Dutch acronym PKB). Your PKB consists of a monthly gross amount of 23.54% of your gross salary that you can spend as you choose, for example, to buy extra leave.


Annual leave

By law, if you work a 36-hour week, you are entitled to 144 leave hours (calculated on a pro rata basis if you work fewer hours). You can buy additional hours if you wish. You decide how many. Your total statutory holiday hours and holiday hours over and above the statutory entitlement at 31 December may not exceed ten times your personal working hours. If the total is higher, you will be paid the excess of holiday hours over and above the statutory entitlement in January of the following year.


Variable remuneration

In addition to your fixed salary, you have the option of earning variable remuneration using the VIC model. This consists of a percentage of your gross annual salary. The actual percentage depends on:

  • The fixed percentage linked to your job grade;
  • Your individual performance, which is based on your appraisal (50% performance and 50% progress targets);
  • The collective performances of your NN business unit, measured against customer rating and NN’s financial target.

Together, these factors determine your variable remuneration percentage.



NN offers a modern, group pension scheme. You pay a small contribution and NN pays most of the contribution. The scheme is a defined contribution scheme. Under this scheme, the aim is to accrue a pension that is equivalent to an index-linked career average scheme. Our pension scheme also offers a partner and orphan’s pension. Click here for more information about the NN CDC Pension.



The NN transport scheme offers you a free, second-class NS Business Card for travel on public transport (NS-Business Card OV Vrij 2e klas), which you can upgrade to first class if you wish by making a gross contribution. If travelling by public transport is not an option for you, you can opt to receive a travel allowance. It is important to note that parking spaces are very limited at NN. Only employees whose single journey time by public transport exceeds one hour are eligible for a parking space.


Training opportunities

It is important for you and NN that you continue to invest in your development and professional skills and we therefore offer good training opportunities. NN pays for the training you need to carry out your job and also gives you time off to attend courses. In addition, a personal career plan, which you write, direct and own yourself, is a permanent part of our appraisal cycle.


Discount on insurance policies

As an NN employee, you can take advantage of our group discount on an ONVZ health insurance policy. This applies as soon as you join us. You can find more information from the ONVZ site (enter NN Group in the section ‘Employer collective’). In addition, once you have successfully completed your probationary period, you are entitled to a discount on various Nationale-Nederlanden insurance products. You can find more information from NN’s intranet (SAM), which you can access from your first working day.