At NN, we want to make financial services personal and relevant to our customers and we need colleagues to help us achieve this. Our appreciation of our colleagues is of course reflected in our employment terms and conditions. Below is a brief explanation of the most important aspects. If you are interested in more details, you can read the CLA for NN.

Flexible working
At NN, there are plenty of opportunities for flexible working in most jobs via The NN Way of Working. In consultation with your manager and colleagues, you are free to decide to where and when you carry out certain aspects of your job, giving you a good work-life balance.


You have a statutory entitlement to 144 leave hours based on a 36-hour working week (or pro rata if you work more or fewer hours). At NN, you receive an additional 50 leave hours. You can buy additional leave hours if you wish. You decide how many.

Partner leave
The birth of a child is a special event and you want to take time out to be with your child. At NN, all partners are entitled to six weeks’ partner leave on full pay. And, in line with Dutch law, NN contributes financially to childcare facilities.


NN has a modern, group pension scheme administered by NN CDC Pensioenfonds. Our scheme is based on a total premium of 30%, which includes your personal contribution. Your personal contribution at NN is 6% of the pension base. The retirement age will move to 68 years from 1 January 2020. NN’s pension scheme has a risk-based partner’s and orphan’s pension. You can find out more information about the pension scheme administered by NN CDC Pensioenfonds here.

Vitality and well-being are the foundations of a good performance, to learn as an individual and to handle all kinds of developments. To achieve this, it is important that:

  • You feel fit and healthy
  • You find the right balance between work and relaxation
  • You find NN’s offices a pleasant place to work.

This is why at NN we focus a great deal on issues such as optimum working conditions, limiting health risks, promoting your energy level, scope for informal care and a responsible reintegration policy. Both the employer and you as an employee are responsible for ensuring that you feel good and that you can do a good job.

The NN transport scheme offers you a free NS Business Card OV Vrij 2nd class season ticket, which you can upgrade to 1st class by making a gross personal contribution. If travelling by public transport is not an option for you, you can opt for a travel expense allowance. It is important to note that parking space is limited at NN. Only employees who travel more than one hour by public transport (single journey) or employees with a lease car are eligible for a parking space.

Training opportunities

It is important for you and NN that you continue to invest in your development and professional education. We therefore offer good training facilities. NN pays for the training courses you need to carry out your profession and also enables you to take time off to participate. In addition, a personal career plan in which you are the writer, director and owner is a fixed element of our appraisal cycle.

Discount on insurance
As an NN employee, you qualify for a group discount on an NN health insurance policy. This applies from the moment you join the company. You can find more information on the NN site ( In addition, after your probationary period, you are entitled to a discount on a range of Nationale-Nederlanden and OHRA insurance products. More information is available on NN’s intranet (SAM), which you can access from your first working day.