In addition to Nationale-Nederlanden our Dutch insurance business also operates under other brands, such as Zicht, AZL and Movir.

Zicht, insurance and risk advisers
Zicht helps business owners and individuals to get a good grasp of their finances and advises them on preventing, absorbing and insuring financial risks. With offices throughout the Netherlands, Zicht is one of the top ten professional intermediaries in the country. The 500 specialised advisers of Zicht work in the interests of the customer and have the freedom to advise on products offered by a variety of providers. Zicht has an informal, entrepreneurial culture. Our ambition is to combine top-notch advice with the best service and products and to play a leading role in the transition to digital and customer satisfaction. You can find more information on our website.

AZL, pension fund advice and pension services
AZL advises pension funds on legislation, actuarial matters and pension communication. We have offices in Heerlen and Utrecht. We have an informal and open culture, with short reporting lines and personal communication where possible. If you would like to find out more about working at AZL, visit our website.

Movir, individual disability insurance
Movir specialises in individual disability insurance for medical and business professionals with a higher professional education (HBO) or degree qualification. We believe that people want to work and want to be able to build a good life. Our services are aimed at helping them achieve this in a social responsible and sustainable way by offering individual focused prevention.
This is reflected in, among others, the coaching services of Elestia, which insured customers, and members of their household, can use anonymously and free of charge. When working is no longer possible, Movir offers personal reintegration services next to financial security. Find out more about working at Movir here.