'Working on a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is a huge challenge'

Martijn Walter -
Digital Technical Solution Analist

Internal move

‘Around six years ago, I joined Nationale-Nederlanden Bank as a DevOps engineer via an external IT traineeship. At the time, we ran all our applications, data and reports in our own data centres. After three years, I started migrating some of these applications to the cloud.'

'Armed with the expertise I’d gained at the Bank business unit, a couple of years ago, I transferred internally to Nationale-Nederlanden’s Customer & Commerce business unit. Nationale-Nederlanden aims to make its customer service as personal and relevant as possible and online plays a key role in this of course. Here, I also make a start on setting up the building blocks to migrate the portals to the cloud. There’s an awful lot of work involved in this, such as migrating a proxy, a system that routes the user to the right applications, or implementing an Identity & Access Management system. This system focuses on user access to applications, networks and systems.'

Joint goals

'We work in scrum teams. In my case, we recently launched Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS): an approach that involves applying the scrum principles such as engagement, clearly defined goals, openness and transparency as simply as possible and collaborating on a single product. I’m a fan of agile working: it’s great to set joint goals and work on them together.'

Crucial importance IT

'We can’t ignore it: IT is crucially important for Nationale-Nederlanden. We’re experiencing more and more competition after all. New providers are using the latest IT technology. This makes it important to stay connected and working on a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is a huge challenge, especially as we’re working with obsolete computer systems in some parts of the organisation. However, these systems need to be optimally integrated with new technologies to continue to meet user demand.'

'It’s the challenge that makes the work so interesting. I can really get stuck into innovative projects and it’s totally up to me to decide how I approach my work and how I organise my time. Working at Nationale-Nederlanden is a continuous learning process. It’s not just learning on-the-job because I also learn a lot from my colleagues. And Nationale-Nederlanden also offers a wide range of training courses and study opportunities for personal development.'


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