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NN is a life insurance company with the greatest aspirations in Belgium. It doesn’t matter how different and unique people may be, everyone strives to live a long and happy life. We help people take care of what they really find important in life. As a life insurance company, we protect our customers by providing strong product solutions. And we support each and every Belgian in their search for happiness. With 1.6 million unique customers, 600 happy employees and an annual turnover of 1 billion euro, NN is part of a strong international group. That’s why we are delighted to welcome potential colleagues to NN who would like to have a positive impact on the lives of each of our customers! 

What impact will you have as Financial Controller at NN? 

  • As Financial Controller, you will act as a partner for the various business departments:
  •  You will help them to manage their revenue, costs and projects.
  •  You will engage in regular debate with them to help ensure that NN achieves its ambitious goals of long-term profit and cost efficiency. That way, we can give our customers greater value for their money.
  •  You will also help management to take the decisions that support our strategy that will result in sustainable revenue in the future.

This is what is expected of you:    

  •  You will gather and analyse data about NN and present it to management.
  •  You will consult with the various business departments, supporting them and entering into dialogue with them so that the investments they make can contribute effectively to better products, satisfied customers and healthy figures.
  •  You will be jointly responsible for the annual budgeting exercises, working with senior management to set realistic targets and draw up a far-reaching and financially healthy business plan.
  •  One of your responsibilities will be to ensure that the company stays on course. You will do this by maintaining contacts with the various business departments, proposing and implementing corrective actions to them where necessary and then following them up.
  •  You will participate in the periodic reporting cycle, analysing the drivers that form the basis for the company’s profitability.
  •  You will present the results of your analysis (both verbally and in writing) to senior management and the Board of Directors. If necessary, you will also report about corrective actions and they effect they have. 
  •  You will answer queries relating to financial reporting and controlling in order to help constantly fine-tune the strategic direction taken by our business.

What do you have to offer as Financial Controller

As Financial Controller,
  •  Your Master’s degree in a financial, economics or mathematical subject, enables you to define the way you want your career to progress. And there are opportunities for you to grow both vertically and horizontally.
  •  You will have the opportunity to fine-tune or maintain your knowledge of languages, because you will be communicating verbally or in written form, in Dutch, French and English.
  •  Your colleagues in the team are very helpful and contribute not only towards their own results, but also those of everyone else. Everyone is happy to share their knowledge and speak regularly with everyone else.
  •  Critical thinking and working analytically is very much encouraged, resulting in a positive climate for developing proposals for improvement.
  •  If someone is happy to take on specific responsibilities, they expect this to be fully understood: taking the initiative is really appreciated.
  •  The team members work flexibly with each other, as well as meeting their deadlines.
  •  Once you have fully mastered certain aspects of the job, you will be given full ownership of them, which is both stimulating and rewarding.
  •  The work you do and the results you achieve are there for everyone to see and appreciation for them is expressed both to the team and to others.
  •  Training and educational programmes are available, covering both the technical aspect of the job, as well as the further development of your soft skills.

We will ask quite a lot of you, but you will get a great deal in return. What does NN have to offer you?

Care. Clear. Commit. NN provides a job that works for you.

NN needs people like you. People who are genuine and committed; people who are willing to give the best of themselves to our customers, bringing fresh ideas and the necessary drive to take the initiative. People who find our values logical and understandable. Any especially people with a unique personality that can make all the difference. So, just be yourself. That’s something we really appreciate at NN!

  •  You will receive an attractive salary, supplemented by fringe benefits that include:
    group and hospitalisation insurance, meal vouchers and eco-vouchers, 20 days of holiday a year, plus 12 days of working time reduction leave and 5 daysof additional leave.
  •  You will be given the opportunity to discover and grow your unique talents so that you can develop your career further.
    There’s a whole range to choose from: personalised training programmes, workshops, coaching, on-the-job learning and so on. 
  •  At NN we know very well how important wellbeing is! That’s why we focus on achieving a good work-life balance.
    Working from home, flexible working and a fitness area with group classes are all there to make it easier for you to find the right balance. 
  •  And to give your creative side a helping hand, we have also thought carefully about providing an enjoyable, totally refreshed working environment, located in bustling Brussels, literally right next to Brussels South station, where you can feel at home. 
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Willing to have an impact as Financial Controller at NN? Nothing could be easier! 

Fancy coming to work in an environment that offers you all sorts of challenges? Are you one of the best professionals in your particular field? Want to make the difference with your fellow enthusiastic colleagues? Then we’d like to meet you!