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Tech and innovation are the heart and driving force of our business. With more than 18 million customers and 15,000 colleagues worldwide, your skills can really make a difference to us. We look to the future in everything we do and want our solutions to help customers care for what matters most to them. Tech plays a key role in this. From the transition to the cloud to building a new app or other products. We do not allow ourselves to be held back by outdated technology and systems. We speak the latest coding languages and contribute increasingly to open source projects.

Tech is all around us and yet is often invisible. You understand this better than anyone and see tech as the solution to making the work your colleagues do more efficient and easier. Tech also creates a visible impact for our customers. No challenge is too far out for you and experimenting is in your DNA. As a result, little by little, you become smarter, more proficient and even better at your job. You like to get your teeth into the latest technology and are the first to know about each update. And you believe that knowledge should be shared because it benefits us all.


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'Judo is all about teamwork, just like a hack'

Manuel Mazarredo -
Auditor, Ethical Hacker, father and Ironman
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