'NN values my passion and fuels it.'

Loïc Fiermans -
Digital Marketeer and gin maker

I’ve been with NN for four years now. I started as a case manager. Then, after a few months, I had the opportunity of doing a marketing course in the evenings. That’s when I took my first steps as a market researcher. We survey both our customers and our partners. For example, we look to see whether our insurance products meet their requirements or need to be adjusted. I am now also part of the digital marketing team. That way I can continue to grow in my job and also within NN. It’s varied work and I really enjoy it.

Infectious drive

At NN I have the freedom to start up and run a project from A to Z. Everyone here works at their own pace and is able to take their own initiatives. That creates entrepreneurship in-house and creates a level of drive that is really infectious. Because other people are also creative and want to try things out. I truly believe that that’s the key to a company that forges ahead.

Good interaction

I also use my marketing knowledge outside NN, because in my spare time I distil gin. Felix Gin is the first little business that I have created from the ground up. I learn from my mistakes and do everything I can to improve. Being entrepreneurial also helps me to develop myself. And the knowledge I gain outside I can use again at NN. 

Felix fans

NN values my passion and fuels it. My colleagues are interested in Felix Gin and are as proud as I am. NN even asked me if we could come up with something special for our insurance brokers. That demonstrates their confidence in me and my product and I appreciate that tremendously.