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NN’s area of work is a very dynamic one. Think about the increasingly far-reaching automation of financial processes, of ever stricter legislation and regulation, of cost-saving measures and reorganisations … All with the aim of being able to provide our customers with even better services. This calls for professional leadership, for managers who can plan, organise and lead.

Strong personal skills
At NN, management asks a lot of your personal qualities and skills. You manage your team, and in doing so, you implement your -and our- ambitious plans. You ensure that the people in your team can grow individually and that your team as a whole is constantly improving its performance. You are always looking to strike the right balance between the interests of our customers, our employees and our organisation.

Instil confidence

Your employees know what you expect of them and what they can expect from you. You encourage them by giving them freedom and responsibility, by providing feedback and complimenting them on their performance in an inspiring way and by offering them the opportunity for personal development with a view to good career prospects. This is how you can show that you value their qualities, skills and results and it is how you instil confidence in them so that they can get the best out of themselves.

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