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What you choose to study is an important first step in your working life and career. But you don’t really find out whether a job suits you until you actually try it out in practice. Which is why an internship provides an excellent opportunity for you to discover what you find genuinely important in your future job and the direction in which you wish to develop personally. 
Are you looking for a challenging internship in a multifaceted organisation that always puts people front and centre? At NN, you can do graduate work experience as a full member of the team. Who you are as a person and where your interests lie are both important to us. Which is why we look at talent and motivation first and only then at the subject you studied. 

We regularly have places available at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level in a range of different departments, including Customer Care, Marketing, Finance, Risk, IT and HR. If you would like to build your knowledge and experience in a company that is dedicated to helping people to care for what they really find important, then find out more about our internship vacancies. And, who knows – very soon you could be starting out on your journey as an intern in our company!
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