An internship 
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Are you young and looking for a new opportunity? 

Are you a recent graduate – or perhaps someone looking for a new challenge? Are you looking to develop your skills further in IT, Finance, Risk, Customer Care (Operations) or Sales? Then you’ve come to the right place at NN. And from our side, we’re looking for motivated people who have the talent and ability to see us through fresh eyes and to come and add their capabilities to our company. 

One thing is sure: you will be joining a Top Employer that puts the growth and job satisfaction of its employees first. You’ll be operating in a truly modern working environment, too – and you can take that quite literally. In consultation with your team, you can also choose when and how often you work from home and how often you come to the office. And, as an added incentive, our building is just a stone’s throw from Brussels South station. . 

We’ll offer you a contract, as well as a learning programme

If what we need and what you have to offer are a match, then we’ll make you a contract proposal right away. At NN, you’ll start as a young professional, which means that for the first six months, you’ll be able to rely on a training programme customised to your needs, while also enjoying an immediate taste of working on challenging projects. Depending on your profile and interests, we can then look together at the kind of growth path you can embark on within NN. . 

And you don't have to take our word for it

Does all that sound appealing to you? If so, it shouldn’t be long before you have permanent contract with us safely in your pocket. But, first things first… you’ll probably want to know more about who we are as an employer. And let's face it... a conversation with one of our staff members has got to be 1000 times better than reading through our entire career site! So, schedule a face-to-face or digital interview today with someone who may become your future colleague at NN. And don’t hold back – ask them all of the questions you want. Below is a brief presentation of the colleagues with whom you can schedule a coffee meeting to get started. 

In enkele stappen je contract op zak

Hiring Process step one icon

Step 1

Send your CV to and tell us about the part of our business you’d like to grow in.

Also tells us which business colleague you’d like to have an initial interview with and whether you would like to do so digitally or in person at our office. 
Hiring Process step two icon

Step 2

If your CV tells us that there’s a potential match, then we’ll schedule that interview for you immediately. 
Application process - step three

Step 3

After your coffee interview, we’ll call you to talk more about which growth path we see for you within NN. 
Application process step 4

Step 4

Depending on the role we can offer you a contract for, you may be given some online tests to take. You can do these from home. 
Application process step 4

Step 5

And, if all goes well, you’ll receive a contract proposal from us.

​​​​​​​And voilà – that’s how fast it can go!  😉. 

Book a coffee meeting with one of our colleagues

market benefits static image
Works as…
Actuary/Risk Professional in the Capital Management team, since July 2022

Graduated as…
Commercial engineer

Opted for NN…
Because of the growth opportunities.
Because of the personal approach.
And because it’s a financially healthy company.

Makes a difference for our customers or colleagues by…
Analysing the sensitivity and risk of our investments. Making a small contribution every day to ensuring we have a dependable risk policy, so that shareholders and customers can have confidence in the continuity and profitability of NN.

Motto for life…
“If you know that this life is all that you have, wouldn’t you make the most of it?” (Ayn Rand)

Fluent in ...
Dutch, French and English
Works as…
Cost Controller in the Value Management & Controlling team, since February 2021

Graduated as…
Commercial Engineer

Opted for NN because…
There’s a warm atmosphere here.
I can be involved on interesting projects.
The nice salary package.

Makes a difference for our customers or colleagues by…
Together with his colleagues, Rémy monitors the smooth running of the company: collecting data, reporting on findings and formulating recommendations, so that we can keep the costs for our customers down.

Motto for life 
"Make the most of your life, without comparing it with others." (Marquis de Condorcet)

Fluent in ...
French and English 

Works as…
Case manager for Customer Care (Operations) team since February 2022.

Graduated as ...
A Bachelor’s degree in Company Management.

Opted for NN because…
the opportunity to keep on developing yourself.
There’s lots of flexibility at NN.
The office is easy to get to. 

Makes a difference for our customers and colleagues by…
Through our group insurance policies, we help people take care of what matters most to them. With our insurance policies, we provide a supplementary pension. As a team, we use our knowledge and experience to help our customers. 

Motto for life 
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." (Aristotle)

Fluent in ...
Dutch and English

Works as…
Junior Front-End Develop, since June 2022, after a 4-month learning programme. 

Graduated with…
A Master’s degree in speech therapy and audiology, plus a Master’s in management.

Opted for NN because…
It’s a company with an international character.
There are lots of challenges in IT.
There’s a good work-life balance.

Makes a difference for our customers and colleagues by… 
Making the front-end of our applications as easy to use as possible, so that I can have an effect on the first impressions that brokers and customers have of NN. I also make a contribution to the transformation process we are going through. 

Motto for life 
“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”(Pipi Langkous)

Fluent in ...
Dutch and English

Works on…
Data Quality in the Technical Support team as part of Customer Care, since October 2022.

Graduated with…
A Master’s degree in Political Science and now pursuing a Management Science degree.
Opted for NN because…

there’s a good work-life balance, plus flexible hours and homeworking are important.
There is room to move around internally. 

Makes a difference for our customers or colleagues by…
Ensuring that our databases are correct, clean and available. We need to make a lot of reports for NN Group, but also for other bodies. His role is to identify the type of controls to be performed and the level of quality to be achieved.

Motto for life 
"Pleasure is collected, joy is gathered and happiness is cultivated 😉." Buddha.

Fluent in ...
French, English and dutch

Still at school looking for an internship

What you choose to study is an important first step in your working life and career. But you don’t really find out whether a job suits you until you actually try it out in practice. Which is why an internship provides an excellent opportunity for you to discover what you find genuinely important in your future job and the direction in which you wish to develop personally. 
Are you looking for a challenging internship in a multifaceted organisation that always puts people front and centre? At NN, you can do graduate work experience as a full member of the team. Who you are as a person and where your interests lie are both important to us. Which is why we look at talent and motivation first and only then at the subject you studied. 

We regularly have places available at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level in a range of different departments, including Customer Care, Marketing, Finance, Risk, IT and HR. If you would like to build your knowledge and experience in a company that is dedicated to helping people to care for what they really find important, then find out more about our internship vacancies. And, who knows – very soon you could be starting out on your journey as an intern in our company!
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