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​​​ Our people are the driving force behind our organisation. This is true not only of our internal staff, but also of our interim professionals. The specialist knowledge and experience you bring is of great value to us. Together, we are working towards a common goal. We are committed to the well-being of our customers, the advancement of society and the promotion of a stable, inclusive and sustainable economy. It makes no difference whether you have a permanent contract or you are self-employed, your added value as a professional and a person is what matters.

How does it work? 

​​​If you are self-employed and are interested in working at NN, we are happy to tell you what we are looking for and how the process works. ​​​​For most of our assignments, a quick start is possible. If you have found an assignment that matches what you are looking for, we look forward to receiving your CV and covering letter. It is also useful at this stage to let us know your availability and rates. We will contact you within five working days. If we both have a positive impression, we will send your profile to the manager of the team in question. He or she will make a decision as quickly as possible (but within two weeks at the latest) about whether to invite you for interview. You will have between one and a maximum of two interviews to meet the manager and/or your future colleagues. If you are both keen to proceed, we will make you an offer to start at NN.


It is important to recruit external professionals for our interim assignments ourselves. Why is this? The people who work at NN are more than colleagues. We want to know you are, what motivates you and how we can learn from each other. This is something we do together. If there is a connection, the contract will be handled by our intermediary: Harvey Nash for non-IT and Fast Flex for IT. They will enter into the model agreement with you.


The work you do for us has an impact. We try to have a positive influence on society based on our values of clear, care and commit. Care and integrity pay a major role in this. Before you start work with us, we are required by law (Financial Supervision Act) to carry out Pre Employment Screening (PES). We also carry out a background check, check your references and expect you to be able to provide us with a Certificate of Good Conduct. It sounds like a lot, but in principle the process takes a matter of days to complete. The screening does not prevent a quick and successful start.
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