​​​​​​​At NN, we help people care for what matters most to them. This means that working in Finance is not just about figures, but about people and their needs. As a Finance specialist, you can play a meaningful role in our organisation in a range of areas, because we are an insurer, as well as a bank, asset manager and pension provider. And we do all that in a world that is constantly changing. You shape NN’s products and services and improve them based on your extensive professional and customer knowledge. Our size, financial capability and international reach makes Finance at NN one of the most dynamic fields.
Working in Finance at NN means that you have a strong sense of responsibility and that you are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Consequently, you understand what our customers need and are driven to offer them relevant and personal products and services. You bring figures to life. You like to be challenged with complex issues: they keep you on your toes and you learn a lot from them. You are curious and always looking for new knowledge, both inside and outside your field. We give you opportunities to develop. And you can do this by contributing to projects and being part of the thought process of our strategy and mission.


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'My family is my motivation for everything I do and still want to achieve'

Prashant Jarbandhan -
Financial Accountant, uncle and a father to his younger brother
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