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With a job in Risk, you can really make a difference at NN. There are plenty of career opportunities and it is a versatile area. After all, we are an insurer, pension provider, bank and asset manager. We are a diverse and international organisation in a world that is constantly changing.

NN’s services and products are socially relevant and so it is vital that we weigh up decisions carefully. What we do today influences the world of tomorrow. This offers you the challenge you need.
You like getting your teeth stuck into complex economic and social issues. At Risk, we look at this from different angles: strategy and organisation, financial, operational and IT. So, your expertise is not limited to identifying and managing risks, but contributes to utilising and creating opportunities.
Working in Risk means helping to make complex matters simple, so that the company is able to make informed decisions. By advising proactively based on robust analyses and large datasets, you are the strategic business partner we are looking for. You take a controlled and managed approach to achieving business targets, while representing the interests of the customer and protecting our customers and the organisation. You have the perfect skillset for this. As a good stakeholder manager, you are empathetic, have strong analytical skills and are confident in your own abilities. You are not afraid of making choices and expressing an opposing view. You also want to stay the best in your field through lifelong learning.

Thomas De Boer

'NN offers a wide range of work for risk managers or actuaries. You can quickly move to another business unit and that’s exactly what I did. I now work as an actuary at Movir, NN’s occupational disability insurer. It’s a job with real hands-on experience.'
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